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Cashing Out
Feature Film

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Aspiring poker player Allen sits center of a high stakes poker game as armed thieves take everyone’s cash. Once alone, Allen reveals his involvement as an inside man to the robbery. He was led to believe this would be his only involvement. However, the success of this heist leaves his partner Jaqs hungry for larger action. Allen struggles to balance caring for his ailing father, managing his feelings for Jaqs, and following his passion for poker. His life spirals out of control as a web of lies and mistakes from his past begin to have severe consequences.


Written, Directed, and Produced by Alex Srednoselac


Tyler Mills

Michaela Lichvanova

Tremont Turner

James Timothy Peters

Whitney Wickham

John D. Carver

Avery Miller

Co-cinematographer - Melissa Hansell

Music and Sound - Josh Beck

Boom Operators - Graham Gibson & Tony Panek

Second Assistant Camera - Alyssa Robinson & Brandon Dananay

Script Supervisor - Victoria Skubish

Colorist - Joel Wortman

Full Cast & Credit on IMDB 

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